DSP IEEE 2018 Projects @ Chennai

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  1. Robust DWT-SVD Domain Image Watermarking: Embedding Data in All Frequencies
  2. Textural Features for Image Classification
  3. Implementation of a Wimax Simulator in Simulink
  4. MACAW: A Media Access Protocol for Wireless LAN’s
  5. Doubly Fed Induction Generator Using Back-To-Back PWM Converters and Its Application to Variable Speed Wind-Energy Generation
  6. Image Segmentation by Data Driven Markov Chain Monte Carlo
  7. Robust Image Watermarking Based On Multiband Wavelets and Empirical Mode Decomposition
  8. Grid Optical Burst Switched Networks (GOBS)
  9. A Lossless Data Compression and Decompression Algorithm and Its Hardware Architecture
  10. Colorization by Example
  11. A Comparative Study Between Wavelet And Contourlet Transform Features For Textural Image Classification.
  12. Wireless LAN Medium Access
  13. Control (MAC) and Physical Layer
  14. (PHY) Specifications
  15. Achieving MAC Layer Fairness in Wireless Packet Network
  16. Colorization Using Optimization
  17. Hierarchical Contour Matching For Dental X-Ray Radiographs
  18. A System for Human Identification from X-Ray Dental Radiographs
  19. A Review of Routing Protocols for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
  20. Automatic Generation Control of Interconnected Power System Using Ann Technique Based On Μ–Synthesis
  21. Discrete-Time Linear Parameter Varying Control Of Doubly-Fed Induction Generators
  22. Blocking Probabilities of Optical Burst Switching Networks Based On Reduced Load Fixed Point Approximations
  23. Automatic Recognition of Exudative Maculopathy Using Fuzzy Cmeans Clustering and Neural Networks
  24. Computer-Aided Shape Analysis and Classification of Weld Defects in Industrial Radiography Based Invariant Attributes and Neural Networks
  25. Optimized Software Implementation of A Full-Rate IEEE 802.11a Compliant Digital Baseband Transmitter on A Digital Signal Processor
  26. Performance of Optical Burst Switched Networks for Grid Applications
  27. A Hybrid Time Divisioning Scheme for Power Allocation In DMT-Based DSL Systems
  28. DUCHA: A New Dual-Channel MAC Protocol for Multihop Ad Hoc Networks
  29. Active Noise Cancellation with a Fuzzy Adaptive Filtered-X Algorithm
  30. Adaptive Routing In Dynamic Ad Hoc Networks
  31. An FPGA-Based Architecture for Real Time Image Feature Extraction
  32. Signal Adaptive Subband Decomposition for Adaptive Noise Cancellation
  33. Implementation of IEEE802.1x in MATLAB
  34. Profiling Delay and Throughput Characteristics of Interactive Multimedia Traffic over Wlans Using MATLAB
  35. An Efficient Data Extraction Mechanism for Mining Association Rules from Wireless Sensor Networks
  36. CIC Filter Introduction
  37. Call Admission Control Optimization in Wimax Networks
  38. Contention-Based Qos MAC Mechanisms for VBR Voip in IEEE 802.11e Wireless Lans
  39. An Area-Efficient Universal Cryptography Processor for Smart Cards.
  40. Design and Analysis of Bit Interleaved Coded
  41. Space-Time Modulation
  42. A Real-Time Adaptive Learning Method for Driver Eye Detection
  43. Real-Time System for Monitoring Driver Vigilance
  44. Erlang Reduced Load Model For Optical Burst Switched Grids
  45. The Contourlet Transform for Image De-Noising Using Cycle Spinning
  46. Wavelet-Based Contourlet Transform and Its Application to Image Coding
  47. Adaptive Nonlinear Congestion Controller for a Differentiated-Services Framework
  48. Fast Handoff Support in IEEE 802.11 Wireless Networks
  49. On The Design of A Multi-Mode Receive
  50. Digital-Front-End for Cellular Terminal Rfics
  51. Optical Burst Switching for Consumer Grids
  52. Fuzzy Based PID Controller Using MATLAB for Transportation Application
  53. An Improving Model Watermarking With Iris Biometric Code
  54. Multiscale Feature Analysis Using Directional Filter Bank
  55. Image & Sound Compression Using
  56. Wavelet Transform
  57. Modeling Sigma-Delta Modulator Non-Idealities In Simulink
  58. Image Segmentation Using Iterative Watersheding Plus Ridge Detection
  59. Signal Processing-Oriented Topics (Spots) For MIMO Wireless Communications
  60. Mobility Management Techniques for the Next Generation Wireless Networks
  61. VLSI Architecture and Chip for Combined Invisible Robust and Fragile Watermarking
  62. Non-Symmetric Decompanding for Improved Performance of Companded OFDM Systems
  63. Implementation of IEEE 802.11 A WLAN Baseband Processor
  64. Content Based Image Retrieval Using Contourlet Transform
  65. VLSI Architecture and FPGA Prototyping of a Digital Camera for Image Security and Authentication
  66. A Performance Study of Mobile Handoff Delay in IEEE 802.11-Based Wireless Mesh Networks
  67. Backup Path Set Selection in Ad Hoc Wireless Network Using Link Expiration Time
  68. Impact of Heavy Traffic Beyond Communication Range in Multi-Hops Ad-Hoc Networks
  69. Performance Improvement in Wireless Networks Using Cross-Layer ARQ
  70. Analysis of IEEE 802.11e for Delay Sensitive Traffic in Wireless Lans
  71. Sphere Detection in MIMO Communication Systems with Imperfect Channel State Information
  72. Novel Channel Interference Reduction in Optical Synchronous FSK-CDMA Network Using a Data-Free Reference
  73. An Adaptive Coherent Receiver for MPSK/MDPSK over the Nonselective Rayleigh Fading Channel with Unknown Characteristics
  74. Code Shift Keying Impulse Modulation for UWB Communications
  75. Wireless Mesh Networks: A Survey
  76. Performance of Coded Multi-Carrier DS-CDMA Systems in Multi-Path Fading Channels
  77. A VLSI Architecture for Visible Watermarking in a Secure Still Digital Camera (S2DC) Design(Corrected)


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